Project:- Biffa (Process Ventilation System)

Market Sector:- Waste Management

Royal Festival Hall  


Main Contractor
M+W Group

Design Consultant
HEC (Haase Environmental Consulting)

Cost Consultant
M+W Group

Project Value - £140 Million

Sub-Contract Value - £2.1 Million

Sub-Contract Programme – 52 months

Project Description

The Project is for the construction of a Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant for municipal waste with on site electrical generation using combined heat and power equipment, powered by methane from biological waste.

Odorous air is extracted from the buildings and process equipment and treated before being exhausted through a stack, the process involves partial recirculation of less odorous air to increase the air change rates in the more odorous spaces.

Scope of Services

Process Ventilation System
The scope of the package includes the manufacture and installation of stainless steel and plastic ductwork, supply and installation of ATEX rated fans, ATEX rated Dust Filters, ancillary equipment and the commissioning of all the systems in conjunction with the operation of the specialist process equipment, this all forms part of the Odour Control System for The Site.

Value Delivered

Close liaison with the Main Contractor to provide fully co-ordinated models / layout drawings that have resulted in the successful installation of the Process Ventilation System. We have been responsible for producing full design assessments, this included but not limited to the filters, fan static pressure calculations, ATEX requirements, thermal expansion, air flow rates and velocities.

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